Six Months of Migraines

feeling like this for six fucking months straight and they tell me to be nicer.  don’t curse so much it turns people off it’s not fucking professional it’s not nice don’t you want to be nice?  sure you have people harassing you from the the psychotic Sanders camp for having the nerve to be a Democratic and you feel like this but it’s on you to be the graceful one all the fucking time.  it’s on you to apologize every goddamn time.  it’s on you to be the one who is the good guy.  it’s on you to smile and act like the sunshine doesn’t make you vomit.  it’s on you to not “get worked up” over the fact that disabled people in this pandemic are less likely to receive health care.  it’s on you not to be angry and scared about it.  it’s on you to accept that the world sees your life as less valuable. it’s on you to realize that the far left doesn’t care that their “revolution” will kill you, any more than the far right wants me dead for being a leech on society. it’s on you to accept it all, because disabled people are disposable, and most of them, it’s their fucking fault right?  because health is a marker of value in this shithole fucking country.  it’s on you to “see the other person’s side of things” when the other person doesn’t live in constant pain, has more money, has more of a life, has  more of everything you will never fucking have and for six fucking months you have nothing but pain in your life, constant unrelenting fucking pain and people have the nerve to give you a fucking lecture on your behavior

you couldn’t live a goddamn day in my body

you’d be begging for fucking mercy

Published by alisonhebert

BA Social Sciences, Portland State University, 2013, Magna Cum Laude MA Sociology, University of Miami, 2016, with a focus on Race/Ethnicity and Medical Sociology Professional Patient with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Angry Feminist

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