When you’re an unbearably large woman, you have a few options, but all of the good ones require some natural talent or dedicated skill acquisition. You can be funny.  I’ve gone for this.  I like to think I can pull it off.  Not enough to make a career out of it, not even enough toContinue reading “PCSD”

My Cruel World

“My world is cruel.  You enter, you survive, you die.” -Yennefer of Vengerberg, The Witcher, 2019 Believe or not, I used to get excited for election season.  Not Rachel Maddow excited, who gets a thrill every time they play the NBC election music, but I was raised to be engaged in politics.  I remember rootingContinue reading “My Cruel World”

The Sculptor

My father’s mother died of brain cancer when my father was seventeen, long before I came into existence.  She was brilliant and bright and her brain died first. Cancer didn’t hack away at her slowly, it used a sledgehammer.  This was not done by a Sculptor, or perhaps her Sculptor was outraged, frustrated by artists’Continue reading “The Sculptor”